Pam Peterson



President and CEO

With over 20 years of dental experience, Pam Peterson is the Senior Practice Advisor with the Total Patient Service Institute. She has directly worked with hundreds of practices all over the United States and trained team members in every position in the practice in verbal skills, practice management and clinical protocols. Doctors and team members who have worked with Pam say that she is one of the most engaging, caring people they have ever met. They credit her with the highest of personal and professional standards and the unique ability to get people to perform at their very best.

Her dental experience includes her initial entre into the industry as a dental assistant and office manager. She moved onto managing over 20 offices for a large group practice and then into a development and coaching program where she created and implemented practice improvement programs for some of the largest group practices in the country.

In addition to her dental experience, she was ranked as one of the top sales people for one of the largest wholesale diamond distributors in the country.

Just some of what dentistry has to say about Pam Peterson:

“Pam is a rare jewel that I cherish and admire! She is a true servant and it shows in everything she does.”

Tannaz Goodjohn, DDS – Beverly Hills, CA

“Our team really values Pam’s ideas and questions. She knows how to push everyone to be their best and they respond because they respect her and her talents.”

Jeff Gray, DDS – La Mesa, CA

“I have never received so much valuable and useful information in such a short period of time. Pam genuinely wants to help and it is obvious that she truly wants to make a difference immediately. She knows how to create an atmosphere of “let’s make it happen!!!”

Jerry Dunn, DDS – Irving, TX

“Pam has been a tremendous inspiration and educator to my team. She showed us how that can be done effectively, efficiently, and with excitement and zeal.”

Trent Smallwood, DDS – Tempe, AZ