Susan Strittmatter

Susan Strittmatter

Practice Advisor

Susan has been in the business of building winning practices for over 25 years. She knows the magic formula is supporting the team so they can implement initiatives to increase the competitive advantage and grow the business to the next level. Colleagues frequently call on Susan for advice regarding verbals (“How would you say this?”), accounts receivable management, human resources, marketing and P&L issues ranging from increasing revenue to decreasing expenses. Susan has a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration degree from the University of Southern Mississippi and a Master of Business Administration degree from Texas Woman’s University. She has worked her entire career in the health and dental care industry and loves the challenge of shaping practices to reflect the vision of the owner.

Of Susan, people say:

“Now we’re in the top 5% of the nation.”

“She is, hands down, the best advisor¬†I’ve ever had.”

“[Susan] did a fantastic job of helping us all grow and develop more as a team.
It was truly one of the best growing experiences that we have ever had as a team and we owe that to [Susan’s] input..”
-Dr. Ronald Massie, DDS

“My experience with TOPS Institute and my coach Susan has been quite beneficial for my practice. By following some simple suggestions that Susan made during the onsite training, I have been able to foster a more cohesive team and improve my patient’s experience in my office from the beginning to end of their appointment. The verbal skills training we practice has also helped with our case acceptance. One thing that sets TOPS apart from other training services is the personalized approach to fit your individual practice needs rather than a “one size fits all.” Thank you Steve and Susan for helping us do what we do better!”
-Dr. Ben Whitted, DDS

Susan believes in the possibility of every individual and is proud of the times she gets to coach and see people grow. Those who have implemented her winning ideas know her to say “Let’s try it. I know if anyone can do it, you can. And the results will be great!”