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The legacy…

In 1974, Steven J. Anderson began a journey based on this premise: Just as there are Natural Laws in physics and nature, there are Natural Laws of human behavior. When you know those Natural Laws and base your systems on them, you are guaranteed a higher level of success. So he set out to uncover those Natural Laws.

15 years later, he showed up, without an invitation, at the office of Texas entrepreneur Walter Hailey with an unusual proposition:

“I don’t want a job…
I want to build something.”

Over the next fifteen years, the two forged a business partnership that created and delivered the Dental Boot Kamp, Crown Council, Smiles for Life Foundation, Eagle U, and much, much more.

Since 2003

In the years following Walter’s passing in 2003, Steve Anderson created the Total Patient Service Institute to embody and implement ideas, techniques and systems based on the 101 Natural Laws of Successful Practice Management and treatment acceptance. With the patients’ perspective in mind, ToPS systems are designed to:

• Help the practice identify and meet the needs of the changing market.

• Deliver on the doctor’s philosophy of care.

• Help patients accept more of the kind of care they really need.

• Achieve personal and professional balance.

• Increase team harmony.

And much, much more.

Whether it is the ToPS Total Immersion course, Customized Total Practice Support, or ToPS Leadership Academy RoundTable, you’ll stay plugged in and turned onto the ideas, techniques and systems based on irrefutable Natural Laws that will help you continually implement what works to keep your practice working for you, your patients and your team.

“Meet our ToPS Team”

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