7 Secrets to transform “Sucktember” into a “Best Month Ever!”

//7 Secrets to transform “Sucktember” into a “Best Month Ever!”

7 Secrets to transform “Sucktember” into a “Best Month Ever!”

For reasons that I have yet to totally understand or have any science to prove, left to itself,
September can be one of the more challenging months in dentistry. Most in the industry are
well-aware of this trend.

I’ve also never understood why, if we all know it can be a challenging month, everyone does
not redouble their efforts to turn September into “SUP-tember” (Super September).

As we welcome in the month of September, sit down with your team if you have not done so
already, and map out your strategy to have the best month ever; a SUP-tember.

Here are 7 ideas to consider:
1. Decide that you are going to have the best month. Set a specific goal.
2. Plan a special procedure day like a “Crown Day” or “Invisalign Day.” (For more details,
go to: (Blog link)
3. Vow to limit your news consumption to a minimum. Work to keep your attitude positive
and to share the good news with each other in the office.
4. Set a specific goal for the number of continuing and unscheduled treatment calls, emails, and text messages that will be sent out each day to keep the schedule full.
5. Work your “VIP” list of patients who can come in on short notice.
6. Have a focus in your daily Morning Opportunity Meeting on same-day treatment. How
can you make it more convenient for your patients coming in today to get the care they
need and want..TODAY? Look for the opportunities. Plan for it. Hussle. Make it happen!
7. Schedule at least one day of team training in September. (No More Hygiene and Total
Immersion are great options. Click HERE for online training days and times in…September.)

That’s a start. Now add more ideas of your own. Share what you are doing to have a “Sup-
tember” by sharing your ideas on Facebook and Instagram

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