The Accomplishment Trap

//The Accomplishment Trap

The Accomplishment Trap

We spend much of life striving for some type of end result: financial success, business growth, or goal accomplishment that for us means we have “arrived.” The problem is, that when we get there, the victory seems hollow and we move onto something else. It is never enough. Such is the cycle of achievement.

Achievement or accomplishment is the arrival at some predetermined destination. It is a kin to plotting a destination on a map, plannitops, total patient service institute, dental team, dentistng the route to get there and then going toward the destination until you arrive. Once you have “arrived” you can say with certainty that you have achieved your goal. Then where do you go? You usually feel the emptiness inside that moves you to plot another destination.

Success on the other hand is something all together different. Years ago, Earl Nightingale defined success as “The progressive realization of a worthy ideal.” The two key words in this definition are “progressive” meaning it is a never ending quest, and “ideal” or a characteristic, value or character trait. Success is never ending and fulfilling because it is the “being.” “Being” is and has infinite possibilities.

Achievement has a beginning and an end. It is finite. While it may deliver short-term satisfaction, because it is finite, it is limited in its ability to give long-term fulfillment.

Achievement without success creates a longing for something more. In that attempt, most strive for “more” achievement only to be left empty at each summit.

Achievement coupled with “success,” however, yields both short-term satisfaction and long-term fulfillment.

So while you are striving for achievement and accomplishment, make sure you live successfully by acting in accordance with the values and ideals that mean the most to you. If you do, you’ll be rewarded with the satisfaction of achievement and the fulfillment of success.

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