Natural Law #2: The Law of Accountability

//Natural Law #2: The Law of Accountability

Natural Law #2: The Law of Accountability

It is time for the regular team meeting. As everyone files into the room, someone can be heard saying under his or her breath, “Here we go again. We are going to talk about all the same all over again, but nothing ever changes.”

One of the essential ingredients to change is the Natural Law of Accountability. Contrast the difference between responsibility and accountability. Responsibility means that you are response able or that you are able to respond. It implies being reactive by virtue of “responding.”

Accountability on the other hand means that you are account able or that you are able to give account. Account for what? Not just your actions, but the result of your actions.

While everyone on a team needs to be responsible or willing to respond to whatever is needed, someONE must be accountABLE or willing to give account for each and every result identified as being essential.

Imagine a team meeting where instead of everyone mumbling as they walk in the door and the leader reviewing things that have been discussed before, everyone instead walks in prepared to give an account of their area of accountability and the results in those areas. Instead of the leader reviewing things that have been discussed before, the leader sits back quietly as each member gives an accounting of their results.

So who is AccountABLE for the essential results on your team? When are the exact times that they will give an accounting of the results to the entire team?

Employing the Natural Law of Accountability changes the entire culture of an organization. Instead of a leader dragging the team along, everyone steps up to account for his or her results. While everyone is responsABLE, someONE needs to be accountABLE for every area of essential results.

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