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Always Be Reading

When I was in college, my professor, Dr. Paul Harmon, taught me the value of having my own skin in the game when it comes to adding to your personal library. One day, Dr. Harmon invited me to his office after class to give me any one book from his personal collection. After selecting a book to take home, Dr. Harmon then told me to pay for the book! And I am glad that I did. With hundreds of titles, my personal library is one of my most valued possessions!

In the most recent episode of The Best Practices of ToP Practices Podcast, 15 tips are shared on how to create a learning culture of success at your dental practice. One tip is to “Always be reading” – and as you can see, something I strive to continuously do!

For all 15 tips, feel free to check out episode 14 of The Best Practices of ToP Practices podcast – click the link to listen:

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