The ONE Clinical Development Your Practice Doesn’t Know It Needs!

//The ONE Clinical Development Your Practice Doesn’t Know It Needs!

The ONE Clinical Development Your Practice Doesn’t Know It Needs!

Periodontal disease does not discriminate.  It crosses the sexes, ages, socio-economic classes, education levels and professions.

The fallacy in the traditional dental thinking is that periodontal disease is exclusively linked to oral hygiene.  So it would make sense that if someone is more educated, they would take better care of their mouth.  Unfortunately, oral hygiene alone does not prevent disease.

It is no secret now that periodontal disease is a bacterial problem.  And it is systemic.  The common denominator of all disease is inflammation.  Inflammation is directly linked to the immune system.  A compromised immune system can be caused by stress, environmental factors, life changes, or stage of life.  Unfortunately, your immune system is not necessarily controlled by your income or education level.  Periodontal disease does not discriminate!

Take a look at your hygiene procedure code analysis.  If 80% or so of your hygiene procedures are healthy mouth cleanings, (1110), are you really treating disease?  If you just did a 1110 and there is blood in the treatment room, were you doing the right thing?

What is going on in hygiene is undergoing a HUGE revolution.  That’s why we call our course, “No More Hygiene.”  For too many years, hygiene has been characterized as the place where patients get their teeth cleaned instead of where patients get disease treated.  If you go to the physician’s office, they don’t give you a bath do they?!

We have only two remaining No More Hygiene courses for 2018! Make sure your team subscribes to the philosophy of care that saves lives! For course information and details visit today!

Take the next step in the clinical development of your practice.  Start treating disease!  Quit giving your patients a tooth bath!  Hygiene’s NOT about cleaning teeth any more….No More “Hygiene!”

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