Are You Committing Insurance Fraud?

//Are You Committing Insurance Fraud?

Are You Committing Insurance Fraud?

These are questions that I get regularly hear from dentists:

  • Why can’t I just write off the patient portion and take what insurance pays?
  • As long as there is an NPI number attached to the treatment, does it really matter who does the treatment?
  • If I give the patient a discount, why do I have to tell the insurance company?

And all of these are followed by…everyone else does it!

Whether you are contracted or not, you are probably filing claims for your patients. Insurance fraud can take many shapes and forms. But my favorite justification is, “I’ve never been caught!”

Cutting corners with insurance companies is just a symptom of a bigger issue: not knowing the right way to run your practice and its finances properly.

On a regular basis, we go into practices to do our “Maximum Reimbursement” analysis. We routinely find $250,000 worth of revenue that is unrealized that could be collected if the practice were being run properly. Run in this way, there would be no need to cut corners and do things that are potentially fraudulent.

So don’t be a fraud. Run it right. If you don’t know how, give our team a call for a Maximum Reimbursement analysis. We’ll find the legal, hidden production and profits in your practice….guaranteed!

For more information on “Maximum Reimbursement” click here.

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