Dental Case Acceptance: Building Believability, Likeability, and Trust

//Dental Case Acceptance: Building Believability, Likeability, and Trust

Dental Case Acceptance: Building Believability, Likeability, and Trust

You are sitting at lunch and the server brings a delicious sandwich, a BLT sandwich. If you want the benefit of the savory flavor of the sandwich, you’ll have to take a big bite.

In much the same way, if you want to savor the flavor of successful interactions with each patient, you need to take a big bite of another type of BLT sandwich. This time it’s not bacon, lettuce and tomato, it is Believability, Likeability and Trust.

Trust is the most important ingredient in the case acceptance equation. Trust is built on two critical ingredients: Believability – are you credible and knowledgeable in your field of expertise, and Likability – do I like you?

If I believe you “B” and like you “L”, I will trust you, “T”. That is the BLT formula for case acceptance. It’s the Natural Law of BLT: Believability plus likability equals trust.

Believability comes from not just being knowledgable about what you do, but being credible. Credibility comes from communicating in a way that the patient can understand. If I can’t understand you, how can I ever believe you.

Likability comes from a sense that patients have that you really care about them. You ask. You listen. You demonstrate that you understand them. As a result, they like themselves better when they are with you.

Believability plus likeability equals trust. It’s the natural law of BLT.

So savor the flavor of better case acceptance with more BLT. Work on your communication skills “B”. Refine your people skills “L” and reap the benefits of more trust “T”.

That’s the power of the Natural Law of BLT.

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