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Be Different!

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Psychologists tell us that there is a natural pull to want to be like those around us.  At our ToPS seminars, that is something we have taught for years.  It is important that your patients and clients see you as someone they can relate to; someone like them.


But when it comes to business, it can get you in trouble.  Take the airlines for example.  It seems like they all follow each other.  One established a fee for baggage, they all follow suit.  One quits serving snacks, they all jump on board.


Banks seem to do the same thing.  Years ago, Bank of America started charging a fee for using their debit card.  Other banks are starting to follow right behind.


Wouldn’t it make more sense for a bank to start running ads that say, “Convenience shouldn’t cost, it should pay.”  A bank could really capitalize by running in the opposite direction.


Take Southwest Airlines for example.  While all the other airlines charge for checking bags, Southwest doesn’t.  They are different.  So different that they are just about the only airline that makes money!


So don’t be a follower when it comes to marketing your practice.  Take a look around and go in the opposite direction.  You’ll be noticed, recognized and appreciated by new patients who can tell you apart from all the rest.

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