“Do You Take My Insurance?”

//“Do You Take My Insurance?”

“Do You Take My Insurance?”

It is a common question that gets asked by potential new patients on a regular basis.  So what if you are not contracted with their particular insurance?*  What do you say to increase your chances of attracting that patient, or is insurance the only consideration?

It depends on the patient.

But one thing is for sure, if you say, “NO, we are not contracted with your insurance company,”  they will NOT come to you!

Start by responding to the initial question by saying, “Thanks for the question.  With which company are your benefits?”

Most likely it will be one with which you are familiar.  But even if you not contracted, you can respond by saying:

“We have many people with XYZ dental benefits who are and have been our patients for many years.”

That initial response opens the door to a further discussion in which you can say:

“While we are not a contracted provider with XYZ, our patients prefer to come to our practice.  Would you be interest in knowing why?”

Here, you have been honest while peaking the person’s curiosity.  I’ve never known anyone to say “No, I am not interested in knowing why they come to you!”

So now, you can continue:

“What our patients with XYZ benefits tell us is that they prefer to come to Dr. _____ because of the quality care and exceptional service and that even when they have tried other options, they have not been able to find what they find here anywhere else.  In addition, we help all of our patients file for their benefits so they can get the maximum reimbursement that is available to them.  Why don’t we go ahead and schedule your initial visit with Dr. _____.  I am sure you will see exactly what our patients are talking about.  Would ______ or _______ (day) be better for you?”

While the above will not always result in a scheduled appointment, it does open the door to a discussion where you can highlight the benefits of your office.  It certainly beats just telling them, “No” and moving on.

* Make sure to inquire about “Maximum Reimbursement,” a new program from the Total Patient Service Institute for contracted and non-contracted practices alike.  1-877-399-8677.

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