The MOST EFFECTIVE Youth Success Program to Help Students Get a 7-Year Career Head Start!

//The MOST EFFECTIVE Youth Success Program to Help Students Get a 7-Year Career Head Start!

The MOST EFFECTIVE Youth Success Program to Help Students Get a 7-Year Career Head Start!

Eagle U 2017


We’ve just finished an amazing week with over 200 high school and college age young people from all over the U.S. and Canada who attended the Eagle Univeristy Youth Leadership Program.  ( Founded nearly 25 years ago, Eagle U’s mission is to expose young people to ideas, techniques and systems of success that will help them get a significant lead in life. 


For 4 days, we enjoyed introducing these young people to successful mentors and success ideas they can use in school, their future careers, and in life to get ahead.  Consider it a success university!


My two favorite highlights of the week happen near the end.  Thursday afternoon, we introduced all the students to roughly 50 mentors who came in for the morning to answer any questions the students had about their respective professions and what has made them successful.  Based on the concept that it is a lot easier to copy genius than it is to create mediocrity, this mentor session was stunning.  So impressive were the group of mentors that attended that the mentors themselves decided that they had been slighted because they did not have the same opportunity the students had to “work the room” and get to know all the other mentors!  What a thrill to watch the light bulbs go on in the student’s minds as they applied the principles they learned all week as they met face-to-face with people who had done it and asked them relevant questions so they could learn from their experience.  In the words of one student, Ozzie Dominguez, a recent high school grad from Texas, “I always thought that success was out of reach and too difficult to attain.  Now that I know the secrets of success, I know it is attainable for me and my age group.”


Early this morning, the students gathered for the Eagle U speech contest where each student presented a prepared speech in front of a group of 10 to 12 other students.  The students then voted the best speech to be presented in front of all the Eagle U participants, mentors and many parents.  What a thrill to listen to the discoveries that had been made during the week, the commitments that had been made, and the life changes that these students made this week.  After listening to these students, it was easy to conclude that Eagle U is a game changer for these young people.  It gives them principles to live by that will take them to the top.


My thanks to Dr. Wayne and Sue Mortenson of Mortenson Family Dental who made this program possible and to the parents and other sponsors and organizations who send their students.   Eagle U is a non-profit education foundation made possible by the generous donations of so many people who want to make a difference in the lives of youth.  Thanks for making this week possible.


Dates for Eagle U 2018 will be posted in the fall. For more information or to subscribe to receive free Eagle U success resources for your student, details can be found at or by calling 469-844-SOAR.


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