Erosion vs a Landslide

//Erosion vs a Landslide

Erosion vs a Landslide

Imagine living high on a hill over looking the ocean with a sharp drop off at the edge of your property that goes down to the beach below.  Over the years you notice that the wind and the rain slowly erode small inches of dirt from the edge of your property.  But, not to worry, you have yards of land from the edge to the house.

Then, one day, a fierce rainstorm invades and drops an unprecedented amount of rain in your area.  18 hours into the storm you start hearing sounds you have never heard before coming from within your house.  You feel unsettled.  You glance outside and are shocked to see that there is no backyard left.  The ground has become so saturated, a massive landslide took it all down to the ocean below in one sweep.  Your house is now next.

Moral:  Gradual erosion may be a sign of a potential landslide to come.  Get ready.

There is a gradual erosion going on in dentistry in the form of PPO fees.  They keep going down and down and down.  It may have not been too noticeable in the past.  Perhaps it has just been an irritant.  But is there a landside coming?  The best time to prepare for a landslide is long before it ever happens.  How do you prepare?  With this one simple question:

What would I do if I received a letter today announcing that all the insurance payments I have been receiving for work I have been doing will be cut by 30% to up to 50% in the coming months?  (A landslide.)  Faced with that collapse in payments, what would you do?  How would you react?  How would you run your practice differently?

Prepare for the landslide today.  Run the what ifs.  Discuss the “what would we do?”  Who knows?  You may come up with a strategy that will work today even if the landslide does not come tomorrow!




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