Doing Good vs Giving Back

//Doing Good vs Giving Back

Doing Good vs Giving Back

Three Texans all named Steve on the Hawaiian Learning Curves ride: Steve Anderson, Dr. Steve Titensor, and Dr. Steve Parker.

Having just spent a week on a motorcycle with Cheryl in Hawaii with Dr. Roy and Glenda Hammond and a great group of dentists and spouses on a Learning Curves ride, ( ), I was reminded about the difference between “giving back” and “doing good.”

We hear a lot about “giving back.”  Companies that “give back” to the community; celebrities who “give back” through charitable efforts; requests from organizations who ask you to “give back” by donating to their cause. 

I don’t believe in “giving back.” 

In order to “give back” you have to have taken something.  The term “give back” implies that you took something away that may not have belonged to you in the first place.  That is why you are “giving back.”

Instead, I believe in “doing good.”  Yes, doing good includes charitable efforts, and it also includes many other things you do that make the world a better place for your having done something.

For example, running a profitable business is doing good because of the service you provide your patients and the jobs you provide your team members.

Every time you train your team, you are doing good by providing better service to your patients and expanding the knowledge base of your team that will make them better people.

There is a lot you do to “do good.” 

Doing good also encompasses your charitable efforts.  Whether it is participating in dentistry’s largest charitable campaign, Smiles for Life (, engaging in one of the dental humanitarian expeditions organized by the Crown Council ( or raising money through the “Miles for Life” ride each year, there are a lot of ways to do good through some type of charitable effort.

We’ll do our next “Miles for Life” ride on July 15-18, 2015 through Yellowstone National Park.  All of the proceeds of the ride go to fund dental humanitarian efforts in the Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Bolivia and other parts of the world.  It does not matter if you have never ridden.  There’s time to learn before the ride.  It is one of the favorite things that Cheryl and I do together each year.  For more information, log onto

It’s just one more way to “Do Good.” 


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