Happy Holidays?

//Happy Holidays?

Happy Holidays?

Happy Holidays?

December is upon us and “The Holidays” are here.  I love this time of the year.  But beware these “Holiday Hang ups” that can creep into the team mentality:

“Everyone’s too busy during the holidays to keep their dental appointment.”

“They can’t afford dental work right now with all the shopping they have to do.”

“Their insurance benefits are probably maxed out for the year.”

December is a short production month because of the holidays.  We’ll never reach our goal.”

“We can’t find any patients to fill in these available appointments.  It’s the holidays!” (Don’t you know.”)

If you are looking for an excuse this holiday season for poor practice performance, the “reasons” are easy to find.  But consider for a moment the “reasons” why December should be the best practice month of the year:

“People are in a buying mood.”

“People are more happy and cheerful this time of year.”

“And so people are more willing to cooperate.” 

“Many still have benefits remaining for the year.”

“Those who have flex spending and medical savings accounts sill have money for the year.”

 “The more people have to do, the more they tend to get done.”

So check your attitude this holiday season.  Do you have the attitude of a ToP performer or the mentality of excuse maker?  The attitude you choose may very well determine how merry your holiday season will be – inside and outside of the practice.

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