What It Takes To Succeed At First Impressions

//What It Takes To Succeed At First Impressions

What It Takes To Succeed At First Impressions



First impressions make lasting impressions. Science supports the fact that the decision someone makes in the first six seconds of an encounter does not change after 20 minutes. In short, we have an initial emotional reaction, and then look for validation

The first impression that patients have of your physical office happens before they walk in the door.   The appearance of the building, cleanliness of the grounds, and how everything looks.

If I’m coming to get my teeth cleaned, or whiten my teeth, and the walkway to the office isn’t clean, it plants a seed of doubt about the service that is going to be delivered. Everything has to be congruent. That first impression sets the stage for what the patient will be looking for during the rest of the visit.

So consider the broom as one of your first case acceptance tools. Yes, a simple broom!

First thing in the morning, before anyone arrives, walk out front with your broom and sweep off the front entry way. Even if you’re in an office building with other businesses, whatever patient’s encounter on their way in will influence their decision when the get in to your office.

When I visit dental offices around the country, I have been known to walk in with the question as my greeting, “Where is the broom?” I then take the broom and go out and sweep the walkway first before another person arrives. FIRST IMPRESSIONS MATTER! Even if it’s just getting a leaf off of the front walkway, every detail counts.

So, get out your broom! Give your patients a great first impression to continue validating when they walk through your door.

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