Do You Take My Insurance?

//Do You Take My Insurance?

Do You Take My Insurance?

Whether your office is contracted or not, the first response to this inquiry is always the same. You always answer this question with a question, such as “what type of benefits does your company have?”, or “With which company do you have your benefits?”.

If your office doesn’t happen to be contracted with that particular insurance company, then here is a suggested response that we have found helps retain the greatest number of potential new patients. Begin by saying, “Many of our patients have dental benefits with your same insurance company. (Short pause.) We don’t happen to be contracted with them. Would you like to know why our patients choose our office for their dental care?”

The answer to this question will always be “yes.”

Then you explain to the patient “What they tell us is, after looking at all of their options, they haven’t been able to find another practice that provides the type of clinical excellence that our doctors provide or the level of personal care. In addition, we help all of our patients by filing their insurance claims and helping them to maximize the benefits that they have. Could I go ahead and schedule your first appointment?”

This approach works for a lot of different reasons:

  • You’re engaging the patient in conversation instead of just simply answering a question.
  • You’ve let them know in advance that there are other people just like them who are active patients in your practice that have the same benefits. So this gives them the peace of mind of knowing that there are other people just like them who have made this decision.
  • You’ve let them know that you work hard to maximize their benefits and you’ll help them file their claims.
  • You’ve proactively invited them to go ahead and schedule their first appointment.

Recommendation. This is a verbal skill worth memorizing word-for-word, so that the next time a patient asks you “do you take my insurance?”, you will have a readymade answer that has been proven to work in dental practices all over the country – Especially in situations where you are not contracted with their particular insurance company.


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