“Is this going to hurt?”

//“Is this going to hurt?”

“Is this going to hurt?”


How often do you get that question from a patient?  Just about every day!*

There is no answer that is a good answer for this question.  For example, if you say “Not much,” the patient will hear, “It is going to hurt a lot.”  If you say, “You might feel a little pinch,” the patient will think, “It is probably going to feel more like a punch!”

This patient question does not deserve an answer…it requires a question in return.  If someone is concerned about pain, he or she has probably had a bad experience in a similar situation.  Instead of trying to calm their fears by minimizing what might happen, ASK them about the possible bad experience in the past by saying, “It sounds like you may have had a bad experience in the past, am I right?  Tell me about it.”

Once the patient has told you about the bad experience in the past, simply say, “So, I bet you don’t want to repeat that same bad experience again, correct?”

At that point you have a open door to share what you do in your practice to make sure your patients remain comfortable.

Sometimes an “answer” is not the best answer.  Instead, lead with a question.  That will open the door to sharing the answer that will be more acceptable to the patient.

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