John Lennon’s Tooth, TMZ, and Saving Teeth

/, Photo/John Lennon’s Tooth, TMZ, and Saving Teeth

John Lennon’s Tooth, TMZ, and Saving Teeth

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Stem Cells in Teeth


Media reports this week credit Dr. Michael Zuk for the purchase of one of John Lennon’s teeth for a five figure amount. News story.

Add on top of that the TMZ report on a comment by Dr. Bill Dorfman that has gone viral and you have dentistry in the news in a good or bad way whichever way you want to look at it.

The entire string of events brings up an interesting opportunity for dentistry and for every dentist. We have always suggested that there are opportunities to be the local expert on a national story. This could be one of those opportunities.

Most patients are not aware that teeth contain one of the richest and most accessible stores of stem cells. With the rapid discoveries in science and stem cell research, you never know when those stem cells might come in handy!

Several companies offer the professional preservation and storage of extracted teeth for the possible future use of their stem cells. It’s an option in which many patients might be interested if they were made aware of it. It is an opportunity for you to educate your community and be the local expert.

To that end, we talked with Jack Hadley at My Social Practice who offered to write a blog for his clients on the topic and generously offered to make it available to all members of the Crown Council. It should be available by Monday.

If you are interested in a copy of the blog post for your own customization and use, just email us at:

It’s just one more example of looking for opportunities to be the local expert on a national topic. And when you can raise awareness about something that might offer a significant benefit for someone in the future, that’s all the better!

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