Managing and Marketing to an Older Demographic

//Managing and Marketing to an Older Demographic

Managing and Marketing to an Older Demographic

 In our ToPS Round Table last week, we spent some time doing some strategic planning for the practice of  the future.  The market for dentistry is changing in two very fundamental ways:

  1.  The populations is aging.  With 10,000 people a day turning 65 in America and inching their way toward  retirement, buying habits are changing.  Twenty years ago, the Baby Boomers were in their prime earning  years, making more and spending more.  Today, they are just hanging on!  Hanging onto their health.  Hanging  onto their money.  Just hanging onto everything!
  2.  Dentistry has become the front-line healthcare provider.  Think about it, what other healthcare  provider do MOST people see more often than their dentist?  It is becoming increasingly difficult to see a family practice physician.  The dentist has become the most frequently seen healthcare professional in America.  If you are in dentistry, you made the right choice!!!


So how do you take advantage of these two trends?


  • Are you making it easier for the older population to see you?
  • Are you encouraging people to see you more frequently as they see their physician less frequently?
  • Are you talking about whole health issues with your patients and how their dental health is directly connected to their over-all health?


The face of dentistry is changing. Changing with it will be your most powerful marketing tool to attract, retain, and gain new patients.

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