“That’s more than I was expecting!”

//“That’s more than I was expecting!”

“That’s more than I was expecting!”




How do you respond when a patent reacts to the fee for his or her dental work by saying, “That is more than I was expecting!”

Without thinking, your first response might be to justify the fee and explain the complexity of the case and everything that has to go into it.  If you do, you’ll probably lose the patient.

The issue here is not so much about the fee as it is about the emotion.  The patient was expecting one thing and it turned out to be different than what he or she thought.  The patient is surprised.  So instead of talking about the fee, address the emotion first by saying, “You’re surprised, aren’t you?  Tell me about that.”  Then let the patient explain.  Something in what is shared will highlight an issue or concern that you can address together.  In most cases, the patient wants the treatment.  It is just a matter of overcoming the initial shock of what is involved.  Address the emotion first, and the financial issues to more easily be solved.

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