Natural Law #1: The Law of ASKing

//Natural Law #1: The Law of ASKing

Natural Law #1: The Law of ASKing

Imagine going to the physician and after a long wait, the doctor arrives and immediately begins writing you a prescription, tells you to take it for two weeks and then come back. The doctor promptly leaves the exam room as you sit there stunned.

A physician who prescribes before diagnosing would be immediately turned over to the board of medical examiners for malpractice. Yet everyday, too many people commit the same mistake by TELLING too much before ASKing.

All day, everyday, we are all selling. Whether it is an idea, a product, a request that you need fulfilled, or simply getting someone’s attention long enough that you can get your point across, we are all selling. Since you are always selling, it would be wise to follow the advice of the old axiom, “If you want to sell, ASK don’t tell.”

Since people don’t buy solutions to problems they don’t perceive to have, you have to ASK first what their perceived problems are. You must know what is of interest to them. In order to do that you must be INTERESTED not INTERESTING. ASK, don’t TELL.

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