Quit Running Your Patients Off

//Quit Running Your Patients Off

Quit Running Your Patients Off



One of my mentors was the late Bill Gove, first president of the National Speaker’s Association and first winner of the most respected award in public speaking.

Years ago Bill shared with me his first (and last) experience going as a patient to one of the most respected clinicians in dentistry who has since passed on.  I omit his name, but the patient experience and perception is instructive.

Bill went in, as most new patients do, to get his teeth cleaned.  He walked out with a treatment plan for what would amount to nearly $20,000 in today’s dollars.  He was shocked and confused.  He just wanted to get his teeth cleaned!  He never went back.  It is too bad.  He would have received some of the best clinical care available in the country.  But because of the disconnect between what he WANTED and what the clinician decided he NEEDED, he never went back.

That story continues today in many practices that approach every patient the same and follow the traditional “diagnose, treatment plan, present” model.  That model is outmoded, outdated, and does not work.  I don’t think it ever worked.

So if you are caught in the traditional trap of diagnosing and then presenting a treatment plan strictly based on what the patient NEEDS, we need to talkThere is a better way.  Don’t run your patients off like Bill was.

Check out the 2017 dates for the Total Patient Service “Total Immersion Course” today by logging onto www.TotalPatientService.com or calling our team at 1-877-399-8677.  It is one of dentistry’s best solutions for getting more patients to say “Yes.”

A better, more effective way of presenting treatment awaits!


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