Be a Self-promoter

//Be a Self-promoter

Be a Self-promoter

It came to my attention recently that a dentist had accused me of being a “self-promoter” as if that was a criticism. I was flattered!

Think about it. Nothing happens until someone promotes something. Whatever that “something” is, it has to be promoted by someone.

Some of the most notable figures in history have been self-promoters:practice management, consulting
Ben Franklin – promoted himself and the American cause in France in order to persuade the French to enter the Revolutionary War on the side of the Americans.

Winston Churchill – was a self-promoter and promoter of the cause of freedom for Europe and the UK.

• Our good friend Garth Brooks – the greatest entertainer of all time is a HUGE self-promoter and because of it, audiences around the world have enjoyed his music and countless children have benefited from his charitable efforts.

• Football great Emmitt Smith…a big self-promoter on and off the football field. Because of his willingness to promote himself and his businesses, he heads a large company that has created jobs for many, many people.

My dentist is one of the biggest self-promoters I know, thank goodness! If your dentist does not promote his or her credentials, credibility, and abilities, no one would get any dental work done.

Show me someone who is not a “self-promoter” and I’ll show you someone who is not making much of a difference in the world.

What is it that you are promoting? Your business, cause, beliefs, or values? The best self-promoters are the ones who are influencing public opinion and the behavior of others for the better. Isn’t that what we should all be doing?

So, if you would like to “accuse” me of being a “self-promoter, ” please do! I would consider myself in good company – the company of some of the most influential people in history. I don’t consider myself to have risen to that level, but if you want to affix the label, I’ll take it!

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