Skunk Syndrome

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Skunk Syndrome

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There is a fully fenced-in football field and track near our home that I frequent for early morning runs.  On several occasions in the dark early morning hours I have almost collided with a skunk wandering around the field and across the track.  It happened twice on a recent morning.  I’ve concluded that the skunk is trapped on the field because of the fence.  There is only one way out and it is only about two feet wide.  He will probably never find it.  If only he would walk the fence line, he would find the way out.


I’ve met more than one person who personifies the skunk syndrome, wandering the field of their own perceived limitations and never finding a way out of their dilemmas.  They blame and complain, but never really do the hard work that it takes to break out of the self-imposed “traps” that seem to encircle them.  If they would just walk the fence line of their own perceived limitations, they would inevitably find their way out to a much happier, more productive way of life.


So, don’t be a skunk.  Walk the fence line of your own perceived limitations.  There is a much bigger world out there than the field you may be wondering in now!

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