Episode 20 – STOP Giving Back: Start Doing Good

//Episode 20 – STOP Giving Back: Start Doing Good

Episode 20 – STOP Giving Back: Start Doing Good

In a book entitled Thou Shall Prosper – The Ten Commandments for Making Money, Rabbi Daniel Lapin suggests that there is a phrase that has crept into our daily vernacular when it comes to the charitable efforts of companies and individuals that has hidden connotation of guilt. That phrase is “giving back”. While giving back can be a noble endeavor that includes benefiting the lives of others for good, there is an implied message in the phrase that inherently sends the wrong message to the one who uses it and the one who hears it. I like to refer to efforts to make a difference as “doing good”. What follows in Episode 20 are not ten commandments for doing good as much as ten things you can do to clearly define your commitment to doing good and your strategy for doing it!

Mentioned in this episode:
Crown Council “CultureWorks” : www.CrownCouncil.org
Smiles For Life campaign: www.SmilesForLife.org
Why Giving Practices Grow: MySocialPractice.com/FreeStuff

This episode was made possible by The Smiles For Life Foundation.

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