The Natural Law of Attributes

//The Natural Law of Attributes

The Natural Law of Attributes

Meet Bob. Or at least, meet Bob’s room. Take a look around until Bob gets here. Just by observation, what can you tell about Bob? Organized? Thorough? Detail oriented? Perhaps not.

The Law of Attributes says that we take on the most powerful attributes of the things and people around us including our environment. Conversely, our environment takes on our attributes. You’ve heard it stated in a different way like this; you are judged by the company you keep.

In a scientific study, total strangers were invited into the college dorm rooms of different students. They were given just a few minutes to look at the environment and then fill out a questionnaire on the person who lived in that room…without ever having met him or her. In may cases, the total stranger who had never met the occupant of the room was a better judge of the occupants character than the occupant’s close friends. We take on the attributes of the things and people around us. The things around us take on our attributes as well.

Take a look at all the attributes around you in your workplace: the cleanliness of your office, the organization of your team, the appearance of your practice, the professional appearance of each person on your team. You, your team, your whole practice is judged by the attributes all around you.

For example, patients who see a disorganized, cluttered, front office judge the entire practice as being disorganized. An office with a dirty bathroom is suspected of having unsterile treatment rooms. A team member who wears worn and wrinkled scrubs is judged as being unprofessional. Get the picture. Patients relate the most powerful attributes around you to….you!

By what attributes around you are you being judged? Want your patients to have a favorable impression of you, your team and your practice, pay attention to every attribute in your environment. Each attribute either moves the patient toward or away from a yes. Make it more toward. Make every attribute a yes attribute and you’ll have the Natural Law of Attributes working in your favor.

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