THE Operating System for Thought, Attitude, and Action in Chaotic Conditions

//THE Operating System for Thought, Attitude, and Action in Chaotic Conditions

THE Operating System for Thought, Attitude, and Action in Chaotic Conditions

My youngest of seven, Owen, and I recently had a great trip to North Carolina’s Outer Banks.    

When we went to the beach, Owen got a serious dadsplain about safety. The surf is notoriously dangerous along that shoreline and I didn’t him want to run in, heedless, as an excited kid might do. 

The waves were monsters that day. With past personal experience of being pulled down and rolled around on the bottom in the surf and getting caught in rips, I could feel the wild, unpredictable, and absolutely uncontrollable forces close by.  

The only way to survive in the chaos out there would be to keep control of yourself and make smart, in-control moves. To do that, you’d need to be trained and experienced, programmed with a new operating system for such conditions. Do what comes naturally, fight the unfightable or just freak, you’d be in trouble. 

You know I would not be blogging about that surf without a direct link to dentistry

Here it is…

Seven months ago uncontrollable forces pulled us all into crazy rough waters. We’re still out there.  

At least it can seem that way, feeling powerless and pushed and pulled by the pandemic, the economy, natural disasters, political turmoil, and civil unrest.  Stuff happening is huge, impossible to anticipate, and somehow or another it all finds its way into your professional life and life, period. 

No dental practice is immune:

  • Patient emotions
  • Their buying decisions
  • Your team’s interactions
  • People might decide not to move forward on treatment “until this thing is over” 
  • Day-of cancellations come in if patients or loved-ones test positive
  • A team member testing positive or getting sick can be seriously disruptive and upsetting
  • New mandates and rules might be coming if infection rates spike higher in cold weather

I could keep going, but I don’t need to. Any day in the dental office has never been entirely predictable, but they’ve never been like this. And never have we needed, so urgently, a new Operating System to get control of what we can control in the midst of the uncontrollable.

There is such a system. It’s easy to remember and easy to act on, as training to survive in unpredictable and potentially dangerous situations must be. 

It’s all built around the image of a common, edible item shaped like the ‘O’ in OS. 

Read, learn, and master the systematic approach to chaos in a new timely ToPS E-Booklet, WHAT TO DO WHEN THINGS DON’T WORK OUT AS PLANNED BECAUSE….THEY CAN’T    

Download it now by clicking HERE.  Then act NOW!  

Stay safe in the “waves!”


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