Now what?

//Now what?

Now what?

Since I get the chance to travel the country/world every week speaking at dental meetings and working with dental teams, I have an up-close and personal view of what is on the minds and in the hearts of dentists and dental teams everywhere. There is one thing that remains constant: If you blame things outside yourself for your results, you render yourself a victim to things you cannot control.   Your influence and your results then shrink proportionally. If you CHOOSE to do something about the things you CAN control, you soon find that your influence expands into unexpected areas, as do your results.

No matter your political orientation or your views on the economy, etc., I highly recommend you sit down and make some personal and practice decisions TODAY based on these questions:

1. What are you personally doing to proactively move your practice in a positive direction…no matter the economy?

2. What are your commitments to create and maintain a positive “economic environment” in your practice so that patients come into a place where they can feel confident about their dental health decisions?

3. What is your positive vision for the future?

4. What is your commitment to those with whom you interact, to build them up, to be solution minded, and to help them be better than they were before you interacted with them?

There is a law of physics: The Law of Perpetual Motion that says “A body set in motion will remain in motion until acted on by an outside force.” What kind of motion are you creating in your practice and in your life?

The weak are victims of circumstance…whatever they perceive those circumstances to be. The strong take advantage of the circumstances around them to change, adapt, and grow. You have a choice every day to be weak or be strong.

Be strong!

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