What’s your WIG?

//What’s your WIG?

What’s your WIG?


Over the years, I have spent some time with dental professionals, as well as students from all over the world. Many times, I would discuss the Common Denominator of Success – the things that make dentists and professionals in general successful.


Among the many factors that create the Common Denominator of Success is habit. One of those habits is setting and reaching goals. For over 25 years, I have asked 4 basic questions that are the standard for staying on track with goals. Ask yourself how closely you adhere to these 4 questions:

  1. Do you have goals?
  2. Are your goals written down?
  3. Do you review your goals every day?
  4. Do you keep them with you or have them in a place where you can see them every day?


There is some magic in being able to answer all of those questions with a “yes.”


Several years ago I was speaking at the gathering of three high schools in New Braunfels, Texas when I asked all of those 4 questions to the graduating seniors. There was only one student who was able to answer all four questions with a “yes.” Upon further inquiry, he shared that his father had taught him this goal setting system when he was in middle school. As a result, he set his sights high and was able to take state in track and get a full ride scholarship to the university of his choice. There are more stories like that than I could ever have time to write.


There is some magic in making a decision and sticking with it until it has been accomplished. The biggest step is the first step — decide and then write it down. So what’s your WIG? Hang onto your hats – we aren’t talking hairpieces. When we say WIG, we are referring to your Wildly Important Goal. A few things to keep in mind when writing your WIGs:

  • From __________ to ___________ by ___________. Identify where you are today in any specific area. Then decide where you want to be BY a certain deadline. For example: From 20 new patients per month to 30 new patients per month by July 31. From _____ to _____ by _______.
  • Lead Measures: Identify regular, measurable activities in which you can engage that will lead to your WIG. A lead measure for the example WIG above might be: “Ask two patients per day for a referral using the ToPS referral formula.


Have a Happy New Year as you decide, write, review and accomplish in 2017.





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