Wisdom from Warren

//Wisdom from Warren

Wisdom from Warren

In my earlier years of seeking out good mentors, I recall spending the better part of my day at the feet of Warren Buffett, and to the side of Bill Gates in Omaha, NE. The insights could fill volumes, but here is one that may surprise you.


If there were one aspect of managing a business that the world’s most brilliant investor dislikes, what would you guess that it is? It is, in fact, one of the same things that most leaders, and most dentists dislike; having to let someone go. Finding good managers is one of Warren Buffett and Charlie Munger’s strong suits. Having to let one of those people go is what they detest most. In fact, the two openly admitted to keeping the CEO of one of their major holdings on a year longer than they should have just because they liked him so much and had a hard time telling him that is was time to move one. It inspired me to know that if managing people for results is the toughest part of being the richest man in the world then we all have something in common! Even the best leaders struggle with similar issues. If Warren Buffett struggles with it and has to work on it, then the rest of us have that much more work to do.


Leadership skills can be learned. Sure, there are some things that come naturally to some people. But we all have things to improve. There is one leadership principle that is for sure, however. And that is that any organization will ultimately succeed only to the extent that its leader has the ability to lead it.


So what are you doing to continually improve your leadership ability? Leading a top team requires top leadership. It’s leadership that can be learned and acquired.


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