Employee Orientation

/Employee Orientation
Employee Orientation 2018-04-26T10:55:08-05:00
Dental Assistants and Hygienist (Clinical Team)

C01—Later Relationship Link

C02—Last Relationship Link

C03—Ask Don’t Tell

C04—Finding the M & M “what matters most”

C05—Primary Concern

C06—Features & Benefits

Business Assistants (Front Office Team)

BA01—Fifteen System

BA01—Fifteen System

BA03—Sweetest Sound

BA04—Permission to Proceed

BA05—Early Relationship Link

BA06—Confirmation Calls

Denzinger's Culture


TT02—What’s your frame

TT03—Happy to Do It

TT04—Be a 10

TT05—You’re on Stage

TT06—Being on time

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