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Every patient in your dental practice deserves a careful exam, an accurate diagnosis, and a customized treatment plan. We believe that you and your practice deserve the very same. Every ToPS Total Practice Support office, receives the benefit of:

• A thorough dental practice analysis.
• Specific identified areas for growth & development.
• A customized plan to fit you, your dental practice, and your target market.

Each ToPS Total Practice Support office receives personal attention from a highly-qualified ToPS Dental Practice Consultant through:

Customized “treatment plan” for your dental practice.
• Personalized on-site visits where we work side-by-side with you and your dental team.
• Strategic action planning sessions on a regular basis.
• Team accountability for continual improvement.
• Continual results measurement through ToPS Stats analysis.
• And much, much more.

Total Practice Support is about results producing action.

Here are just some of the results other dental practices have experienced:

“ToPS has continually helped coach me to reach my goals. We wouldn’t have been able to achieve what we have if not for Steve, Maribeth, Pam, Chris and the rest of ToPS team. I’ve been working with them for 7 years and will continue to engage them as my personal coaches for years to come.”
Jared Theurer, DDS – Salt Lake City, UT

“ToPS is a total, comprehensive program that is cost effective, and more importantly, really effective. After hiring them, I earned a gross of 5 times what I paid them in the first year. The systems they helped me implement kept that level every year since…and not one member of team has left. You won’t go wrong by hiring ToPS.”
Larry Stanleigh, DDS – Alberta, Canada

“I have never received so much valuable and useful information in such a short period of time. ToPS works side by side with the team to make it happen!!! They provide the missing ingredients to practice success.”
Jerry Dunn, DDS – Irving, TX

“Totally unexpected and absolutely awesome! The ToPS team relates so very well to dental team members and immediately gets in step with the entire offi ce. You have true winners in the ToPS Team! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.”
Wayne Harper, DDS – Ocola, FL

“ToPS is a coach to many but a consultant if need be. Truly the best are versatile to what the individual needs and adapt to what void is apparent. The ToPS team is a group of rare individuals that can tell the difference.”
Trent Smallwood, DDS – Tempe, AZ

“We just finished up for the year. We blew through our goals this year by $200k in both production and collections.  We are past our old 2 doctor production numbers by a long ways…. and with less working days in the calendar. Thank you for all you do for me, my team, and my family!”
Dr. Chris Hammond, DMD – Provo, UT

“Collections are up $200,000 for the year and net Income should end up 12-14% for the year. Thanks for flexing your teaching style to fit our office and helping me to live my vision.”
Kyle Keeter, Dallas, TX

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