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No More Hygiene is a dental continuing education course discussing oral health and its relation to total health.

What is No More Hygiene?

Secrets of Modular Periodontal Therapy®

There’s a lot that is changing in the clinical understanding of the science of periodontal disease and how to treat it. Thomas W. Nabors, DDS is the originator of “Modular Periodontal Therapy,” a breakthrough concept in the diagnosis and treatment of periodontal diseases.However, the biggest breakthrough in hygiene production may be no “hygiene” at all!

Thomas W. Nabors, DDS has spent a career studying and testing the nature of oral bacteria and how it can affect not only patient’s oral health, but their total body health as well.

What science knows TODAY can have a dramatic effect on:

• How you diagnose.
• How you treatment plan.
• How you discuss periodontal disease with your patients.
• How you treat disease.
• And what you ultimately produce.

Breakthroughs in oral and total body health make it essential for dentists to address their patients’ concerns about this connection.

Discover the science, the practical application, and how to successfully present it to your patients in a way that will build a whole new production and profit center for your practice.

Discover the science and the systems during this two-day course:

• Specific steps to becoming a successful Modular Periodontal Therapist®
• New ways to stop “watching” Stage 1 Periodontitis and start treating NOW!
• The latest technology to diagnose disease at its earliest stages.
• Specific verbal skills to help patients gain a new understanding of the consequences of   disease.
• Specific treatment modules tailored for each stage of disease.
Proven ways to convert existing patients to a new treatment regimen that will improve   their total health, as well as their oral health.
• The science behind the methodology that any patient can understand.
• How you can significantly increase your production, while you improve your patient’s   health.

Many consider this the new “basic training” for the future of your hygiene team.

Here’s What They’re Saying…

“Dr. Thomas Nabors has developed a periodontal treatment program that is comprehensive and will definitely change the way dental practitioners and health care providers approach periodontal infections in the future. As research continues to demonstrate the association between oral inflammation and systemic inflammation, treating the patient’s overall health has become more important than ever. This program will give you the tools you need to make that paradigm shift.”

-Periodontist Jean-Max Jean-Pierre, DDS, MDS – Hendersonville, Tennessee

“After implementing the program taught by Dr. Nabors, I began to see patients that have had pockets and bleeding for years that accepted treatment and began to show marked improvement–it was then that I became a total believer in the program. Not only have my patients benefited tremendously, but so has my practice! We are treating more perio patients than ever before and this has translated into an increase in nearly double our hygiene production.”

-Jerry Dunn, DDS – Las Colinas, Texas

“I’ve taken numerous perio classes and heard many ‘experts’ explain how they did their ‘magic,’ as well as how their techniques would increase practice production. We never have seen the incredible increase in results that we are now seeing since attending Dr. Nabors’ No More Hygiene Seminar! The simplest thing that we now do has had the greatest impact on our practice. Our hygiene department has grown to such a point that we are booking these patients 4 months out before being able to begin their therapy; this means it is time to expand and grow our practice as a result of this seminar! With the economy changing drastically each day, our cosmetic component isn’t what it used to be, however our hygiene has actually mushroomed! Thank you goes out to Dr. Nabors and his entire team for showing us the light.”

-Tony Bare, DDS – Nashville, Tennessee

“It was empowering to see how we can identify bacteria in the mouth and that we can see the volume and activity of these pathogens with the microscope. I walked away gaining knowledge and confidence in my role as a dental hygiene provider for my patients. “

Zee Stokes, RDH – Nashville, TN

“Go. Don’t hesitate. Well worth the investment.”

Dale Behner, DDS – Fishers, IN

“I would highly recommend attending the course. I experienced a mind-opening lecture that brought clarity to my view of treating periodontal disease. As a hygienist, I have felt so frustrated doing prophy after prophy with no results.”

Kaitlyn Droessler, RDH – Madison, WI

“A ‘must’ seminar for every dental practice.”

Don McKee -VP Operations ITC Pharmacy, Castle Rock, CO

“I was totally blown out of the water the first time; this was my second time attending….but will return again. All the “extras” were fantastic, especially hearing from the medical world. I’m ready to sign up again, just for that alone.”

George Bare, DDS – Nashville, TN

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