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Optimize your treatment planning, coding, and
financial arrangement systems TODAY.

A Customized
Practice “Tune-up” from

Maximize your reimbursement with this comprehensive, customized, practice on-site with a specialist from the Total Patient Service Institute Practice Advisor team.

Give your practice the benefit of this 10 point systems optimization and analysis:

  1. 1. Optimized fee schedule customized to your practice market area.
  2. 2. Updated coding reflecting the most recent changes in the CDT codes.
  3. 3. Code addition using CDT codes that are less-known, infrequently used AND available for reimbursement.
  4. 4. Treatment plan reconfiguration for correct coding, billing and reimbursement.
  5. 5. Errors and omissions claims review.
  6. 6. Claims submission protocols for maximum one-time submission.
  7. 7. Claims processing secrets for the most prompt payment.
  8. 8. Financial arrangement systems and forms for increased patient acceptance.
  9. 9. Insurance verbal skills for contracted and non-contracted practices.
  10. 10. Case acceptance secrets for non-covered procedures.

Return on investment

Exact areas of reimbursement increase to be identified and calculated on-site to more than cover the investment in this program or your money back.

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