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Change happens in one of two ways: Revolution and Evolution.

At the ToPS Institute, we believe in both…in that order.

Start your journey with a “revolutionary” experience for the entire team. The ToPS “Total Immersion” Experience is designed to take your team to new heights of possibility in:

  • Teamwork, harmony and accountability.
  • Verbal skills for better case acceptance.
  • Practice systems for more consistent, predictable results.

Most teams start their journey to the “Top” by going through the ToPS Total Immersion experience together to uncover new practice possibilities.

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“The best practices we work with stay on a path of continued improvement, and one of the best ways they do that is by Master Minding with other like-minded people who are on the same journey.

That is why we created the Total Patient Service Leadership AcademyRound Table (formerly called RoundTable) to give those who are on the journey for continual improvement and a culture of success in their practice.

The Leadership Academy Round Table is where the leaders at your practice can come together with other ToPS Practices to learn new ideas, techniques, and systems to that have been proven to work.”

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If you believe in your patients’ total health and you believe that treating disease is more than just a scraping test, and that lives are at stake when periodontal disease is present, then we have designed a comprehensive system for curing periodontal disease and saving lives that will dramatically grow your practice.

What science knows TODAY can have a dramatic effect on:

  • How you diagnose.
  • How you treatment plan.
  • How you discuss periodontal disease with your patients.
  • How you treat disease.
  • And what you ultimately produce.
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Total Patient Service’s Dental Practice Support will determine a fit for you, your dental practice, and your team. Our group of Dental Practice Advisors do not consult, teach, or train– they DO. They work right alongside you and your team to help accomplish the goals set for your dental practice and maximize production and productivity!

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Boost your total case acceptance with Continuing Education training for the entire team!

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Learn systems and Natural Laws proven to help your practice reach its maximum potential.


Create the office culture that team members crave.


Radical change that creates a lasting impact on your practice.

Natural Laws Proven to Help Your Practice Succeed

The key to changing case acceptance results.

Proven solutions to patients most challenging objections.

The verbal skills to get a “yes” to your treatment plans.

Total Practice Support, dental practice management for practices in need of higher efficiency.

The financial arrangements success formula.

We’re Here To Help Your Practice To The Top!

Customized practice guidance that gives you the tools to achieve more, enjoy more, and get the personal and practice results you want most.

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