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As a Practice Advisor with the Total Patient Service Institute, Chris Toconis has proven that she knows how to get dental patients in the door and how to get them to say “yes!”

A native of Hawaii, her original experience in dentistry started in the front office and then as an office manager. She went on to a training position where she was responsible for educating and coaching office personnel to perform at the highest level in systems, key verbal skills, as well as helping guide dentists and their teams towards creating a healthy practice culture.

For over 18 years, she has worked with practices across the country to dramatically increase their marketing and case acceptance results as a member of the Total Patient Service Institute team.

Those who have worked with Chris are amazed at her case acceptance acumen and verbal skills finesse. She loves working side-by-side with teams to demonstrate how ToPS systems work and adopt those systems for exceptional results.

Of her, dentists and dental team members say:

“Chris is helping us to build our practice… we only wish we would’ve brought her on years ago. In our short relationship, she has exceeded our expectations over and over again.  We learn so much, and yet we have so much FUN.  She kind of has a GIFT in that way!”

“We look forward to a continued relationship with Total Patient Services, and hope that Chris will always be part of our business coaching relationship.”

“She is absolutely awesome!”

“Chris relates so very well to team members and immediately gets in step with the entire office.”

With her unique blend of communication and dental practice expertise, Chris has the ability to identify and leverage opportunities to immediately grow the practice. She doesn’t just tell you how to do it, she does it so you can see it in action first-hand in your practice with your patients. Chris proves to dental practices what is possible!

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