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Robyn Theisen brings an entire life and legacy of dental experience to the Total Patient Service Institute and every team with which she works. Being born into a “dental” family, Robyn gained an early thirst for knowledge and self-improvement attending dental continuation courses with her dentist father. Throughout her life, she has continued to build on that foundation to impact the lives of dental team and patients alike.

Her dental career accomplishments include Operational Leader of a practice that she helped grow from one dentist to five full-time dentists in ten years and the most prominent practice in the area. In doing so she hired, trained and managed department heads for each area of the practice with system to empower each person to lead and provide exceptional patient service. She went on to be Operations Manager for the flagship branch of one of the largest dental supply companies in the country where she lead a team of sixty-two to be Branch of the Year three times.

Robyn’s passion is empowering teams to realize that they can dramatically impact the lives of the people they serve by implementing ToPS skills to remove barriers to life-changing dental treatment. She has done it for decades and does it every day with dental teams everywhere.

Just some of what dentistry has to say about Robyn Theisen:

“Robyn has been a true pleasure to know as a friend and work colleague.  She has tremendous drive, dedication and passion in what she sets out to accomplish.  She is best recognized for her ability to bring people together to achieve the best desired outcomes.  Of the many people I have associated with in my professional dealings, I have come across few individuals that maintain such a strong and sustainable work ethic as Robyn! She is a fantastic leader that quite simply instills confidence in those around her that results in them naturally gravitating towards her mission.  Those that are fortunate to associate with Robyn on a professional or personal basis will be glad they did!”

– Dan Konicek

“Robyn has an unprecedented passion and knowledge for the dental industry. Her extensive and diverse experience gives her the perspective and capacity to motivate and lead those around her. She is quick to take action in the quickly evolving and fast paced world of dentistry. She is a natural mentor and has an ability to bring out the best in others.”

– Alexandra Dybvig

“Robyn is a great leader and teacher! She is a very special person who just gets things done well. And she does that very much within a ‘team’ setting. Any dental team or organization would be very fortunate to have Robyn and her many talents!”

– Stephen P. Boger, D.D.S.

When she is not training a dental team, she is training as a runner and leading her “home team” of two daughters with her husband.

Dental teams that have the privilege of working with Robyn continually say she is personable, engaging, highly energetic, and a great “coach” that moves teams to higher levels of personal and professional success.

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