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What would you tell someone who was considering attending Total Immersion?


“Absolute must! Total psychology of how to manage a successful practice.”

– Practice Administrator

“Come in with an open mind. You will learn so much that will be life changing.”

– Financial Coordinator

“OMG I already put on Facebook that this seminar, Steve Anderson, and his colleagues are AWESOME and inspiring!!”


“It will open your eyes to new ways to involve yourself with your patients—to learn how to motivate them better.”


“You will learn so much. Best meeting I’ve ever attended. So much knowledge. I can’t wait to get to work and start implementing some of the new things I learned.”

– Receptionist

“Do it…Its what you have always wanted.”

– Dentist

“Absolutely a very enlightening productive seminar. Will help enhance your staff.”

– Dentist

“I would strongly suggest all offices—no matter what the size or title of individual—to attend. Dental offices are a team and this is a great opportunity to encourage a fluent and well liked office in turn making happy, paying patients even happier.”

– Dentist

“A needed course. I am glad I took this again!”

– Dentist

“A must do seminar. Life Changing.”

– Treatment Coordinator

“Definitely Do it. Tools learned will help in your family life as well as personal.”

– Patient Coordinator

“Great speaker! Go for it! Lots of great info – will change your relationships with your patients.”

– Hygienist

“Do it! It is a very entertaining, fun course, but you learn a lot at the same time. Good, friendly speakers. Steve applies work topics to your everyday life as well, which gives it a nice twist.”

– Hygienist

“I would recommend it. It helps with team building, self motivation and office case acceptance.”

– Hygienist

“Its informative & gives really good information that would be beneficial to EVERY company that deals with customer service.”

– Dental Assistant

“Its totally worth it. You will learn a lot about yourself.”

– Dental Assistant

“You will gain a lot of great knowledge and useful things to incorporate into not only the work practice, but also at home.”

– Dental Assistant

“I’ve attended many seminars; however, I’ve never experienced anything comparable to ToPS. The knowledge and systematic skills that you gain are priceless! Steve Anderson’s teaching are not only impressionable, but will be transformational!”

– Dental Warranty


– Dental Hygienist

“Be open-minded and be ready to learn amazing ideas and concepts.”

– Anonymous

“Well worth the investment for practice harmony & growth.”

– Anonymous

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